Still Here :)

Welp. It's been over a year. I can't say this wasn't expected. Discipline has always been one of my weaker points, and unless I go out of my way to make something into a routine - it just doesn't get done. There are actually quite a few reasons why I haven't made a post in so long. Mundane reasons, like procrastination, work, and anxiousness over actually putting something out there. Less mundane reasons too, like my father going into severe heart failure and needing a transplant. Wasn't really in the mood to write while that whole issue was going on. Thankfully, everything's good now. He's recovered, we've moved to a new place, and things have gone back to a state of normalcy again. But now, that leaves me with this blog and my annoying habit of not keeping my promises. With that, I'm making two formal declarations that I will absolutely hold myself to going forward:

  • I will not make any statements, or excuses, regarding why I don't post on a schedule I plan for myself. Don't see a point at this juncture, and I don't want to sound like a broken record. I'll post when I post, and just be content with that. If I'm not, then I can always, you know, hold myself to a higher standard. :D
  • I will not give up on this blog. My original mission statement with this outlet still stands. Writing has always been the creative venture that has brought me the most fulfillment, and the one that I showed the most competence in.

And yeah, that's about it. Not much else I wanted to say. I initially wanted to be cute and publish this on the 1 year anniversary of my last post but that didn't work out, as you could tell. Regardless, I feel really relieved to just sit down and just get this off my chest and onto the screen. I plan to post more "serious" content along with life updates, notes, musings, and whatever I feel like putting out there. What's important is putting my thoughts down and not worrying too much about the end result.

See you soon!

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