A Brief Introduction

I'm actually quite surprised at how excited I was at the idea of a blog. While I would say I'm a writer, it's safe to say I've never actually produced too much work - outside of academic courses anyways. I've long since felt a strange nostalgia for the golden days of Blogger and Blogspot. During then, I would browse through their frontpages and stumble upon a post from someone recounting their latest vacation. For some reason, I found these oddly entertaining.

Despite being called "micro-blogging" platforms, I've never seen, or used, Tumblr or Twitter in that way. I never really understood Tumblr, first of all, and there really isn't any criticism about Twitter as a platform that hasn't been screamed a million times already. Either way, there was a void that was never really filled for me. That may be just my ignorance though. Can't say I've ever really gone out of my way to find a replacement.

Another reason I wanted to start writing is a rather blunt one - I simply consume too much media. Mindlessly, at that. It feels like I'm constantly just reacting to things without ever taking the time to reflect and understand what I really think or care about. With this blog, I hopefully plan to change that. I want to take some of the seemingly random ideas that get stuck in my head for weeks, sit down, and just write. At the very least, it will be therapeutic. At most? Intellectually stimulating and modestly insightful.

It wasn't a complete joke when I said these would be dumb thoughts. If I produce a rambly, incoherent mess that's just a product of my ignorance and/or ego, I simply hope that any who reads it will find it somewhat amusing. So, hello! My name is Arc. Hope to be around again very soon.

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